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Purzer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

網址 http://www.purzer.com.tw/index.asp?lang=2

聯絡人 Ms. Lorna Cheng

TEL +886-2-2766-0887

產品種類 Finished Dosage Forms

Company Introduction

Purzer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. We provide the world with quality, innovative and patented approved products, which not only including generic drugs, medical devices, but also developing new drugs and new dosage form.

Purzer have been approved (PIC/S) GMP & GDP certification by TFDA, “Accreditation Certificate of Foreign Drug Manufacturer” by Minister of Health, Japan. And Medical devices has been approved for GMP & ISO13485 Accreditation certification.

Besides domestic market, Purzer have been exported the products to China, Japan and ASEAN countries. Our future goal is to become a multinational pharmaceutical company, and benefit to more people. Purzer can be your trustworthy partner in the changing world.