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台灣醫藥聯盟 - 美歐

Taiwan Pharmaceutical Alliance (TPA) is comprised with several Taiwan-based pharmaceutical manufacturers. TPA members supply both APIs and finished dosage forms (small molecule & biotech products). TPA mainly focuses on niche generic drugs and 505(b)(2). TPA also involves in biopharmaceutical development. Our finished products cover solid, semi-solid, injectable, eye drops, inhaler, nasal spray, patch, and medical device etc. TPA pipelines include hormones, oncology drug, psychiatry, CV, GI, autoimmune, biosimilar and new antibody drugs etc. TPA facilities comply with PIC/S GMP (Taiwan is one of the PIC/S members).

Many international companies are our clients. Mutual cooperation & long-term relationship are our ultimate interest. TPA provide quality products and reliable service (CDMO, license in/out etc.). Some of our APIs and FDFs are marketed in US, EU, Japan, China and ASEAN etc. With our connection in China and ASEAN countries, TPA can also be your reliable partner in the emerging Asia-Pacific markets.

TPA devotes itself to provide the world with quality assured products in reasonable price. Our goal is to introduce the global healthcare industry with our unique and excellent services. TPA can serve your purpose to grow in this dynamic market.

Contact: +886-2-6625-1166 E-Mail: bdd@pitdc.org.tw