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台灣醫藥聯盟 - 大陸/東協

Taiwan Pharmaceutical Alliance (TPA) is formed by several multi-national Taiwan-based pharmaceutical companies to provide finished dosage forms (solid, semi-solid, injectables, eye drops, inhaler, nasal spray, patch etc.), co-development of special dosage form & new drug, OEM/ODM, and trading etc. Product pipelines include hormones, oncology drug, psychiatry, CV, and GI etc. TPA facilities all pass PIC/S GMP(Taiwan is one of the PIC/S member).

Many international companies are our clients. Mutual cooperation & long-term relationship are our ultimate interest. Our alliance members are experience with hospital and retail marketing. Most of them have exported product to ASEAN for many years. With our connection in China and ASEAN countries, TPA can also be your reliable partners in the emerging Asia-Pacific markets. Our goal is to introduce the global healthcare industry with our unique and excellent services for niche generic Finished Dosage Forms.

Contact:Annie Tsai +886-2-66251166 Ext.5119 E-Mail: annie0717@pitdc.org.tw