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Chung Mei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

網址 http://www.chungmei.com.tw/

聯絡人 Chi-Yuan Chen

TEL +886-2-87513383#177

產品種類 Finished Dosage Forms

Company Intrduction

Pharmaceutical is an ethical business and we respect every life with care. Established in 1936, Chung Mei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CM) is primarily centered on over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.
In Chung Mei we have five core values that we take good care of - our products, customers, partners, quality and society. With 80 years of accumulated power, we shall integrate cutting edge manufacturing techniques and innovative concepts, for the development of new products in preventive medicine, and a fresh start by expanding the overseas market.
Chung Mei services from professional manufacturing to end-user sales, and integrates the biotechnology medical supply and sales chains. We have also passed the high standards of cGMP, PIC/S GMP and ISO22000 certifications. We anticipate bringing Taiwan’s high-quality medicine into the Chinese and Asia markets. Let all of Taiwanese be proud of the mark “MIT”.