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Chi Sheng Pharma & Biotech CO., Ltd.

網址 http://www.cscp.com.tw/

聯絡人 Ms. Jane Tsai

TEL 886-2-2765-1135

產品種類 Finished Dosage Forms

Company Intrduction

Chi Sheng Chemical Corporation is principally engaged in the manufacture and distribution of medical medicines and equipment. We are a parenteral-based characteristic pharmaceutical manufacturer; and the largest renal dialysate producer in Taiwan (take up more than 50% of the market). The Company provides injections, including hemodialysis solutions, amino acid injections and vitamin injections; oral solutions, such as antibiotics, cough syrups and stomach medicines; externally applied medicines, including contact lens solutions, salt solutions and iodine solutions, as well as consumptive products such as healthcare foods. The Company distributes its products in domestic market and to overseas markets including China and southeast Asia.