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Drug-Delivery Devices


Conventional drug-delivery devices consist of syringe and intravenous injection. Technologies such as drug patch, oral adhesion tablet, nasal spray, and painless needles have gradually developed with time. The development of such technologies mainly adopts the properties of materials and machinery and is aimed to control drug deliver, boost the drug use efficiency and avoid side effects of drugs.

As aging society degenerates and the number of chronic diseases degenerates, patients’ demand for medical care sources increases annually. The increase of user convenience and safety will improve the feasibility of self-care in patients, thereby cutting wastes in medical resources.


The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center has been devoted in pharmaceutical research for years and has considerable understanding on the properties of drugs. PITDC also sets up a R&D office for medical devices and has achieved certain performance regardless in the cooperation of suppliers for product development or assistance with suppliers for the application of government counseling cases. Apart from the R&D team, PITDC also offers specialists who will help suppliers with investigation and registration of medical devices and drugs. There are many cases of successful applications home and abroad that will assist the suppliers with avoidance of unnecessary risk and early access to the market.


1.Delivery Device Design/Modeling/Analysis
2.Material property evaluation and analsyis
3.Pharmacokinetics Research

▲Scope of Application

1.Transdermal Resorption Drug Carriers
2.Trans-mucosal Resorption Drug Carriers
3.Implant-Delivery Drug Carriers