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R&D Team

【Natural Drugs R&D】
The team targets at developing active substance from botanical medicine, become the core laboratory for natural drug gene control and resource application and leader in traditional Chinese medicine development in Taiwan and Asia, and consequently expand to Chinese and Asian markets.

【Pharmaceutical Preparation R&D】
The R&D core consists of development in pharmaceutical new drug form technology, using customized preparation design to provide pharmaceutical industries with technical counseling, assisting with drug PIC/S GMPS certification counseling and the counseling on demand for developing industry internationalization.

【Medical Device R&D】
The development of medical devices not only need to emphasize on function and safety but also must understand the user practice of medical professionals and patients. Moreover the development analyzes the characteristics of existing products in the market in order to optimize product design. For suppliers with developed products, the service also offers pre-release regulatory consultation on medical devices and products, technical counseling and assisting with the establishment of quality management system services, thereby advocating for the product release and international development of medical device suppliers.

【Industry Internationalization Services】
Providing medical professional strength core, including: GMP counseling, counseling on consultation of medical laws and regulations, regulation and information services; assisting the state with pharmaceutical policy promotion and training for medical and professional talents, and industry upgrade with medical and professional strength.