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↑ 12/19 Su Muh-hwan (first to the right of the photo) was elected the Chairman of Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center.

●Held PITDC 20th Anniversary Celebration and Appreciation Luncheon.

●PITDC purchased 6 units of plant (New Taipei City Industrial Park).
●Started office/laboratory environment improvement project.
●“Medical Device Industry Technology Counseling and Promotion Program” was awarded with the 2012 Science Project Performance Evaluation with Excellence Program.

●The Eighth Session of Sixth Board of Director and Supervisor Meeting resolved the adoption of purchasing plant for the center.
●Signed cooperation agreement on regulatory technology, new drug development and marketing and strategic alliance with PharmaNet and Aihol from the United States.
●Signed global technology exclusive licensing for antidepressant New Drug PDC-1420 with BioLite Inc.
●Passed the animal drug industry recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau Promotional Review Assembly in 2011.
●Certifying body for “Made in Taiwan (MIT) Products Smile Mark Quality Compliance System”

●Cough Relief Traditional Chinese Medicine New Drug PDC-748 signed global technology exclusive licensing with R*D alliance.
●Signed R&D Agreement of Cooperation with Taipei Medical University
●Certified by TIPS “Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS).”

●Counseled cooperating pharmaceutical company with acquisition of the first permit for market release of antihistamine orally-disintegrating table.
●Awarded with science project in category of “Traditional Industry Added-Value Contribution Award” with partners in Alliance of Innovation in Traditional Industry.

●Counseled cooperating pharmaceutical company with acquisition of permit for market release of antidepressant orally-disintegrating.

●“Cough Relief Traditional Chinese Medicine New Drug PDC-748” awarded with 2007 National Industrial Innovation Award.

●Signed “Coronary Conduit Medical Device OEM” International Letter of Intent with POLYMEREXMEDICALCORP from the United States.
●Advocated for the foundation of “Taiwan Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd.”
●Advocated for the establishment of “PDC-748 Traditional Chinese Medicine New Drug R&D Alliance” and awarded with the 2006 Taipei biotechnology Award –Technological Transfer Gold Medal.

●“PharmTECprint” already acquired Taiwanese trademark.
●Opening of “Taiwan Herbal Medicine Website” in Chinese and English version.

●Completed the establishment of Herbal Medicine Showroom and Specimen Room.
●The institute was renamed to “Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Development Center.”
●Established the herbal medicine database and opened the “e-Herbal Medicine Website.”
●Traditional Chinese Medicine Pre-Clinical R&D Platform “PharmTECprint” already acquired European Union trademark.

●Formed the promotional team for “medical health devices.”
●The measuring service room and analytical laboratory were certified by CNLA laboratory.

●Relocated to the standard plant at WuGu Industrial Park.
●The first independent research and development of botanical new drug – Anti-Gastric Ulcer Traditional Chinese Medicine PDC-339) in Taiwan to receive permit from the U.S. FDA new drug clinical trial (IND).

●Passed the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
●Undertook the first phase of Traditional Chinese Medicine Project and entered the development of botanical new drug.

●Certified by ISO-9001 (English BSI certification company) for pharmaceutical communication and talent training with zero defect.
●Official opening of “Pharmaceutical Information Website.”
●First case of invention patent certified with Certificate of Public of China invention No. 120523).

●Proposed the first application of patent for oral mucosal drug long-delivery preparation base.

●Releasing initial issue of “Pharmaceutical Communication Monthly.”

●Relocated to Shizhi Biotech R&D Zone (Dahu Science Park).
●Started undertaking Department of Industrial Technology Science Projects from the Ministry of Interior Affairs

●Established Chinese medicine and western medicine analysis and processing technology; completed the development of aqueous coating film technology.

●Undertook “Medical and Pharmaceutical Counseling Program” from the Industrial Development Bureau and engaged in pharmaceutical counseling.
●Approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to officially establish the “Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center” at WuGu Industrial Park.

●Established the preparatory office for “Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center.”

●Chairman Qiusheng Liu started fundraising.