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Botanical development for irritable bowel syndrome with diar


The global prevalence of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-d) is about 10-20%. According to GlobalData, it is estimated that the global IBS market will reach USD 3 billion in 2016. At present, the treatment of IBS is mostly administered according to the symptoms of diarrhea or constipation, and it cannot be effectively cured. FDA approved IBS-d treatment medication- Alosetron presents side effects of constipation and severe ischemic colitis in a small number of patients, indicating the urgency of developing a safe, effective, and patient acceptable IBS-d medication.

▲Technical advantages

The IBS-d medication is originated from traditional Chinese drug materials and presents features of multi-targeting reaction. It uses the diseased animal model to complete the in vivo verification and screening, and then through the process investigation and optimization to meet the needs of industrial manufacturing and complete the development of industrial process. After pharmacological and toxicological evaluations, the development of new botanicals and the establishment of preclinical IND documentations are completed.