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Orally disintegrating tablets


【Orally disintegrating Tablets, ODT】
1.Orally disintegrating tablets can be rapidly dissolved without water (or rare water) in the buccal cavity, and swallowed into digestive tracts. Its absorption and metabolism process will be as same as the normal tablets.

2.Orally disintegrating tablets are developed by the method of wet granulation and taste modification technology. The wet granulation method has the advantages of rapid manufacturing, low cost, and technology transfer easy. The appropriate taste masking techniques can cover the bitter flavor and odor of the drugs and elevate patients’ intake willingness of the drugs.

【Modified Release Orally Disintegrating Tablets, MRODT】
1.MRODT contains the controlled-release pellet in ODT, and is a combination of the ODT and controlled-release pellets. It is a novel dosage form that has changed the controlled-release round capsule to the rapidly ODT.

2.It is combined the long-term controlled-release and rapid disintegrating technology to overcome the problems of drug intake forgetting and hard to swallow of elderly and special patients

▲Product property

1.Convenient intake (especially elderly, children, patients with impaired swallowing ability, and water obtaining inconvenient persons)
2.Fast absorption, high bioavailability
3.Low intestinal remains and reduce the local stimulation to the gastrointestinal tracts.
4.To avoid the first pass effect.

▲Technical advantages

ODT patent of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center
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