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Oral drug delivery system

《Buccal drug delivery system》


【Buccal adhesive tablets】
1.Using bio-adhesive materials to attach the drug to the oral cavity, the drug can continuously release in the oral cavity with the added controlled-releasing materials. The drugs can be absorbed via the buccal mucosa, reduce the primary metabolization, and increase the bioavailability.
2.Double-layer adhesive tablet, the upper drug controlled-releasing layer continuously releases drugs for 24 hours; the lower drug adhesive layer allows the buccal dosage form being adhered to the oral cavity for 24 hours.
3.The adhesive tablet can be adhered to the gum or buccal cavity.
4.The thickness of the adhesive tablet is smaller than 0.1 mm without uncomfortable feeling.
5.It provides a convenient way of the drug administration and can be removed to terminate drug absorption once not required or feel uncomfortable.

《Gastric retentive delivery》


【Film-coating floating controlled-release formulation】
Use gastric floating materials to prolong gastric residence times. Drug releasing is controlled by the film-coating, and the drug tablet floats on the upper region of the stomach.

《Small-intestine targeted delivery》


【Dosage forms of film-coating controlled release】
Drugs are coated with pH controlled-release materials and absorbed at the target region by using the high bio-adhesive polymers to release the drug to the intestinal wall for extending the time of absorption.

《Rectum-targeted delivery》


【Dosage forms of film-coating controlled release】

Rectum is located at the end of human digestive tracts. Medications treating for large intestinal diseases usually require for a higher dosage to have the better therapeutic effects and which also brings with the high side-effects. Therefore, the potentiality of the development of target-releasing medication products can effectively reduce the side-effects. The developing product is not to be dissolved in 0.1N HCl, pH 6.0 buffer, and is to be rapidly released within 2 hours in pH 7.5 buffer. Such the product can manipulate the rapid releasing of the drug in the environment of large intestine (pH 7.5 buffer) and reach the goal of target releasing of drug. This technology will be applied to the development of medications requiring for releasing in a specific environment.
▲Product characterization and specification
1.Target releasing (drug-releasing in the environment of large intestine)
2.Above 70% of drug-loading ratio
3.Protect drugs and carriers from destroying of the gastric acid.

▲Technical advantage
Target-releasing pellet dosage forms is capable to release drugs on a designated region and is easy swallowable. Because the drug is only released on the site of reaction, it will avoid the drug loss before it reaches the target site and further reduce the side-effects from the high drug dosage. In addition, microencapsulation pills have the high drug-loading ratio, so it is also appropriate for developing the high-dosage products.