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PITDC led domestic industries to visit Thailand for business


In response to the new governmental policy of promoting the innovation in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, we have aggressively built Taiwan as an “Asia Pacific center of research and development in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries”. Currently, the most important thing is to strengthen the extension of the cooperation countries in Asia Pacific region. On November 20th, Industrial Development Bureau, Bureau of Foreign Trade of Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center (PITDC) had led domestic industries to visit Thailand for business cooperation, and specifically discussed the policy, regulation, and technology-oriented cooperation on “cooperation prospect of botanical drug industries” between Taiwan and Thailand to preempt the opportunity of “Thailand 4.0”. Thailand plans to invest three trillion in the next eight years. In addition to the continuously upgrading of the original five industries, it primarily promotes the five innovated industries. By this visit, we aimed to achieve the cooperation and communication in the botanical drug biotech industry and driven the cooperation opportunity between industries in Taiwan and Thailand.

In this visit, Taiwan delegation included 16 representatives from the botanical drug biotech industry to conduct the cooperation and communication. Through Thailand’s local Ministry of Public Health and other government agencies, the Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Office, the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand, the Federation of Thai Industries, and the overseas organization of Taiwan, business discussion had attracted more than 30 Thai manufacturers. The one-on-one discussion topics on raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products and manufacturing tools in the botanical drug biotech industry have opened cooperation opportunities between Taiwan and Thailand in the botanical drug biotech industry. In the event, the cooperation of the domestic manufacturing technology on botanical drugs and the organic certified raw materials of Thai botanical drugs had the most heated discussion. Apart from continuing to strengthen the link of the domestic botanical drug biotech industry in Taiwan to Thailand in the future, we plan to extend to other new southern countries to seek cooperation opportunities for developing the export markets of Taiwan.